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I have a friend who is an AMAZING photographer and one day I was scrolling through Instagram (per usual) and there was this one picture that literally stopped me in my tracks. I usually abuse the like button when it comes to his pictures, but that picture had me shook. I quickly clicked on the model's page and discovered that was from CT so I had to get her for a highlight! Everyone meet LindsayJay:

What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself 

Ambitious, Confident, Blunt 

Who inspired you to start modeling?

Tyra Banks inspired me to start modeling since I was a young girl. Hearing her stories on how she tried time and time again and always got rejected but never stopped trying really motivated me. All her hard work eventually paid off and in the end she became very successful. One thing that held me back from modeling in the past was fear of rejection, so hearing about what she had to go through before she finally made it really helped! 

Modeling is one of those things that require an extra level of hustle. What keeps you motivated?

My family most definitely keeps me motivated. I come from a family of hustlers so being surrounded by hard working people really helps! My mother and father especially; they came from the bottom and worked their butts off for everything they have now and it all paid off in the end.

I see you represent both CT and NY. Are you from CT? When did you decide to take your talents to the city?

Yes, Connecticut born and raised! About over a year ago I did my first runway show in NYC, it was a great experience and I learned a lot. There are a lot of top agencies in that area based in NYC which is one of the many reasons why I decided to take my talents there. Modeling agencies such as Wilhelmina, Next Management, IMG, Elite, Mayjor, and Ford are some of my favorite agencies in NYC. I’am hoping to get signed by one of them sometime soon or in the near future! NYFW is also a big deal to me so living close to NYC is very convenient for me. 

What would you like to see change in the fashion industry? 

One thing I would like to see change in the modeling industry is diversity. When it comes to runway majority of agencies have a height requirement of 5’8 and up. There are a variety of other models out there that are under 5’8 and have great runway etiquette and don’t get the opportunity to experience it due to their height. I myself have have been rejected for a runway show in the past for the simple fact that I wasn’t tall enough.

Who's your favorite model past and present?

My all time favorite models are Donyale Luna and Naomi Campbell. What I admire about Donyale is her uniqueness. She served LOOKS in all of her modeling photos and showed the modeling world what it really means to be different; she KILLED it back in the 60’s! What I admire about Naomi is her outstanding cat walk. She walks on the runway with such ease, elegance, and class!

Any 2019 plans you'd like to share? 

For the year of 2019 I plan on expanding my horizon/working harder to achieve my goals in becoming a successful model. I also plan on sharing my talents of makeup and getting my YouTube channel together! 

What would you tell little black girls you want to get into modeling?

For all of my beautiful young black girls out there that are looking to peruse a modeling career please never stop chasing your dreams and never let rejection or what anyone says hold you back from it. Hard work, dedication, and confidence is key! 

Keep up with the beauty on Instagram @themelaninbarbie
Photographer @jmicaphotography

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