Self Care Saturday: Hibernation

DISCLAIMER: I am not by any means a financial advisor. Honestly, this is a note to myself because life is getting real, but I hope these tips help you too.

Happy Fall y'all! There's only just about 2 months and change left in the year. I always feel like a new season calls for reevaluation; a time to revisit goals you have/haven't accomplished. One of the biggest ones seems to be finances.

We want to travel more, try new things, get a new car, and so on. We get paid on Friday and wonder where all of our money went come Monday. Now that temperatures are starting to drop a bit, I'm preparing for hibernation. For me. that consists of the following:

Go Over Your Budget

2019 is already the focus. I have weddings to attend/be in and trips I want to take. Most importantly, I have big goals to accomplish so I'm implementing a new budget plan.

Stay in More

Be creative! Host themed movie nights, call your friends over for game night, have a lingerie sleep over party, go to free events.  It's so easy to go way over budget on a night out and if you're going out every weekend it'll definitely add up.

Eat Out Less

As I'm going over my budget, I spend way too much money on food probably just like a lot of you. Especially on breakfast and lunch because I'm always running late so it's just easy to stop by Dunkin Donuts or order lunch at work. Welp, no more of that.

Shop Strategically

I can actually say that I haven't shopped as much for clothes as I did last year, but if I do it's always during a sale. I've made a YouTube video about it and I'm always mentioning smart shopping: use those coupons/codes, live in the clearance racks, shop before the next season's displays go up.

Increase Physical Activity 

It's probably going to be even more difficult to get the motivation to go to the gym when it's freezing outside, I get it! Even if you can't make it to the gym, pull out that yoga mat you never used and bust out some home exercises. I personally love the dancing ones because it doesn't feel like working out.


  • Always keep your goals in mind
  • Don't stress yourself out (Relax, Relate, Release)
  • Remember why you started in the first place
  • Give yourself credit for getting this far; you've done a lot, be grateful!

You got this!


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