Self Care Saturday: Boundaries

DISCLAIMER: I'm getting a little romantical today! I'm speaking in reference to MY experiences and what I know so far in my journey. This could also be applied to platonic relationships: 

We get sucked into the bare minimum because it's JUST enough and we can't let go because we'd rather have something than nothing at all so we get too comfortable. Part of the reason why could be insecurity or fear; fear that we won't find anything better so we "rationalize" with ourselves like "at least I'm not like so and so" or "well, I do see him/her sometimes" for example and we stay stuck. Maybe it's been so long that you've received any type of attention and naturally it will feel good. We're human! 

Boundaries are important to shield us from the disappointment we constantly seem to find ourselves in. We create instances in our minds that are often times unrealistic which increases hope because we have this goal that we want to obtain so bad. That's where judgement wains and we become blind to the pattern we fall into yet again.

You feel like you're SO great (and you are btw!) so you keep trying and doing grand gestures in hopes that he/she will notice when in real life they don't care like that, which has nothing to do with you! You are enough for someone to realize that you are indeed dope AF. If they don't it's just not meant to be.

Of course, creating the necessary boundaries will be hard. At one point I found myself feeling guilty for cutting someone off because I genuinely did care and this individual was a good person. I realized that I was about to end up letting so much time go by with no reciprocation making it harder to move on in the end. I'd rather not do that again. 

I know it's so much easier said than done. Long story short, life is going to happen regardless but we have to be able to recognize the patterns that contribute to the mess.  That discernment comes with time.

I'd like to know your thoughts below!

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