Self Care Saturday: You Don't Gotta Do Shit.

You're not obligated to allow every and anyone in your space. Set your boundaries and stick to them. Stop sitting there waiting on you don't even know what in hopes that what you've been replaying in your head will happen when God and your gut already told you to fall back. - MiMi

Whew chile, the therapy! I'm gon' tell y'all one mo' 'gain: find out if your insurance covers therapy (Read about why I started HERE). 

For me, I can't allow a person into my space again if you can't be transparent. It would open up the possibility to give you an opportunity to betray/lie to me again and at this point in my life I can't allow that. Any slip of a chance I give you a second or third time around would be on me. It is crucial that I submerge myself in nothing but positivity and most importantly no drama. At this point in my life/journey it is important for me to be surrounded by like minded individuals who are cognizant and reflective of their own personal issues, their goals, and how they want to go about conquering them.

I saw something on Twitter that said something to the effect of you don't always have to be the bigger person. Being the bigger person doesn't always require turning the other cheek, but rather initiating  conversation. The goal is to find that peace within yourself to move on and not succumb to your anger by doing something malicious. The only communication that needs to happen is setting your boundaries with anyone you have a personal relationship with whether it be romantic or platonic.

Not everyone is going to be for you and that is ok. I literally be chilling so if anyone feels any type of way towards me that's a YOU problem. I'm Ray Charles to the bullshit cuz I literally be in my corner trying to make enough coin so I can get chipotle and pay my bills on time yet people have the audacity to try me. Clearly God is doing something up there because I tend to find things out long after and He's protecting the lives of His other children from me. I'm not the one sis. 

I've always had no problem expressing myself and admitting my faults As a young adult nearing 30 my sole focus is growth. I truly do not have the time to partake in any shenanigans. If you can not be honest with me I do not need you in my space and that's that on that.

Sprinkling positive vibes on your day!

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  1. I love this perspective! I've definitely been all about growth. We have to learn to stop feeding people that just take a plate to go!



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