Style Spotlight: Bella Hendrix, SuperRichKids

Fashion maven, mermaid, mom, visionary are just some of the words that describe the woman better known as Bella Hendrix. I was put on to the curator by a childhood friend who happened to be a relative of the designer. Her designs instantly grab your attention for their bright colors and bold style. I reached out to Bella a while back to get to know the woman behind the brand:

How would you describe your style in 3 words? 
Defiant/ Rebellious, Individualistic, SuperRich 

What made you want to design? Were you always sewing as a little girl? 
As a little girl I’ve always dreamed of being a Fashion Designer. (Honestly, I didn’t even know why) I loved to look cute! Lol 

In my earliest memories, I could remember being “dressed” for every occasion. My Maternal Family is Haitian, so you already know. We are always decked out! Especially, being that I was the “American Haitian” (meaning born here) I was always that kid, I had both cultural influences. nice dresses, matching barrettes, jewelry, yes, I was definitely the it girl! (My Designer game, was more custom than these main stream designers.) 

As a kids, I wouldn’t say, I created my own cloths, it was more so for my dolls & barbies. They were always dressed and on point! I did have all those toy sewing machines & craft machines! I loves to create & recreate things! I’m was a real artsy kind of kid! Not until about Highschool did I purse my desire to design & create! (When I became more in-tune with my own sense of style. Because I was always “different”. I used to set my own trends. Never was I the popular, Jordan sneaker kind of girl. However, I did have a sense of admiration for them.) 

How did SuperRichKids get its start? Why a kids line?
It all started from a song on “Channel Orange” By Frank Ocean “Super Rich Kids”. It’s spoke to me! In all honesty, (I’ve never shared this before, but I am SuperRichKids Brand, and the Reason behind the kids line is so that I can relive a childhood that I lost! Becoming a mother, was my way in! My Kids Inspire me to creating a life that they will never want to escape from. That’s the essence of the Brand! Every Kids and their Parent want to be down with the SuperRichKids, True Story! It about FUN, In REAL LIFE! #YouCanSitWithUs we are the #KoolKids! 

“SuperRichKids with nothing but loose ends!” 

More than just fashion, “SuperRichKids" is an Lifestyle Brand. (Established 2013)

The Inspiration Behind SuperRichKids... (my Kids, yes I have 5.) Three sisters & Two Brothers who are indivisible to the SuperRich lifestyle of being kids; they exude extreme wealth through Loyalty, Love, Family, & Fun in all aspects of their Lives. Each of their individual styles cohesively unites under one behavior. (It has nothing to do with being Rich, with Money and Unethical Power)
The Mission… dedication to: "Expel The Highest Degree of Great Value/Worth in youngsters through Fashion, Events & Arts". The RichKids are aiming to revolutionize the lifestyles of coming generations, through Culture & Community. 
...And lastly, our Motivation to Maintaining the SuperRichness... Is to inspire confidence and greatness in the children of the future, through the culture of children’s apparel. The “SRK” Brand aspires to fashion a well-cultured company of youth, to tend the development of enlightening communities through our Artistic Vision. 

Our Statement: "We Pledge Allegiance, To the Kids of the Super Rich Nation And to the Lifestyle For which they live: One Behavior Under Style, Indivisible, With Dignity and Vogue for all.” #YouCanSitWithUs

What advice would your give to those who want to take a leap into entrepreneurship? 
GO For it! (If the thought &/ or idea repeatedly comes to mind, my advice is to take that risk. What’s the worst that can happen?! Either it works or not. You never want to live with the memory of you not taking such risk & fulfilling that Dream. 

One thing I must not forget to add, is that leaping into Entrepreneurship is not easy. Lot of long nights & sacrifice. But, in the long run it’s all worth it. 

How could one reach you if we wanted a custom piece?
We are on all social media sites. 
  • IG: @SuperRichKidsBrand
  • FB, Twitter, SnapChat: SuperRichKids

info@SuperRichKidsBrand & Our website will be up and running real soon,

What’s next for SuperRichKids? 
Oh, we have so much coming! This next surf, is going to be so, Radical, We’re gonna have to create a whole new list of vocabulary words just to describe it! Lol I’m (we’re) taking a few major Risks. 

I can’t expose much at the moment, but I may share We do have one “top secret” venture that’s going to be a Game Changer. And another, venture that’s actually to help the community get more in-tuned & connected to the children’s industry. We have been receiving Lots of inquiries on how to get into the children’s industry, either in fashion, as a talent, model, actress, artist, etc... and we are going to offer some services hopefully to assist in making the process a lot easier! (More details are to follow shortly) it’s all apart of our Rebrand! The SuperRichKids Brand is the Umbrella we have so many pieces to this Grand Empire being built.  

We’re just free surfing the waves right now! Still feeling out the water, Channeling in on the vibrations! 

Leaders of the New school. SuperRichKids A.K.A The New Age TrailBlazers! 


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