Oh, Hey Spring!

Ok it doesn't even feel like Spring outside yet. I wanted to be cute with this maxi on Easter Sunday and ended up freezing my butt off. Nevertheless, it's spring! And we're that much closer to being able to tuck away our coats into the deepest abyss of over closets.

I've been a little MIA, but there's a good reason for that which I can't wait to announce (if you follow me on IG you probably already know)! But let's get into this look:

Per usual, I waited last minute  to go shopping for Easter and luckily I found this really cute maxi from Rainbow for just $20 y'all!

The print caught my eye because it wasn't the typical floral but just leaves and  the color combo was great. I paired it with this baby blue satchel from Aldo's.

Also added another pop of color with these fuchsia tassel statement earrings (I forgot where I got these sorry!)

Shoes are from Charlotte Russe as almost always 

As we begin a new month, I hope and pray you're met with many blessings and peace!  Don't forget to follow everywhere on StyleByMi

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  1. Hi, MiMi! I love this maxi dress. It totally gives me a vacay feels, which I kind wish I was on right now. Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful easter and I can't wait to see what outfit you come up with next!

    1. I know right! Thank you! Hope you had a great one as well!



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