Self Care Saturday: I Popped My Therapy Cherry

I've been grappling with thought of going to therapy for a few months. My best friend and I would jokingly say that we need it because things haven't been adding up. And you know what? Lately, things haven't been adding up for me the way I'd like them to.

What held me back was the thought that I wouldn't be able to afford the service. I have a friend who took this step and she mentioned that her insurance covered it. I didn't know insurances could cover therapy! So, as soon as I had some free time I contacted the therapist and thankfully my insurance did in fact cover it.

I keep mentioning my age now that I'm 25, but it really is a significant moment in life. You're RIGHT there; you know where you want to go but it's just a matter of getting there (that's the frustrating part).  When you're in school you know what comes next. You have to pass this exam to get to the next grade then it's high school, college, and for me, grad school. Everything is all set and you know what you have to do to get to the next step. So what now?

I realized that I kept on talking about the things I don't like in my life to friends repetedly and nothing was changing. I figure maybe going to someone else will reveal something that none of us can't see. I'm usually the super optimistic person, but I've  been down lately.

It starts with you. So, I'm taking it upon myself to get things in order before I'm 35 still complaining. When everything feels like its at a standstill it's difficult to get out of the funk. I love that I'm outspoken and not afraid to deal with things head on whether it's within myself or with someone I'm close with. I basically feel like I'm starting to "snap out of it" and literally get my life.

Y'all self care is so important. Being preventive is so much better than worrying about a cure. Be open to loved ones who are offering their support. You may discover that you need an objective ear. There's nothing wrong with seeking help or advice. The goal is true peace and happiness!

I acknowledge that I'm great and have so much going for me. Trying to establish a new life and accomplish goals in your 20s is all weird, confusing, and frustrating. But I got this! I went to my first appointment this past Tuesday and I'm so glad I did. Watch out 2018!

What are your thoughts on therapy? Have you ever considered going? How was your experience with it if you've gone before? I'd love to know what you have to say below! Don't forget to follow me everywhere @StyleByMi

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