Twenty-Fine: Happy Birthday to Me!

It's funny how when we were younger we just knew what our lives would be like. And for some reason 25 seemed to be the age where everything was supposed to be perfect; happily married with 2 kids, the perfect house, the dream job. Then you get to 21 and realize you only have a few years left to make this happen. By 23 you're freakin out. By 24 you no longer give a fuck because obviously this is just all unrealistic and you might not even want that anymore. And it's ok!

I always found it kind of odd when people around my age get all stressed that they're lives aren't all the way together yet. Mind you we just got out of our mommas wombs not that long ago; really didn't start to be able to take care of ourselves fully until about 16-18 so really it's like we've only been working on this thing called life for a few years.

I've come to the realization that there's but so many things I can control and it's ok if something doesn't work out the way I'd hoped. That only means that God has something even better in store for me and He has definitely proved that many times.

As I enter this new phase in life, I'm even more focused and motivated. My ultimate goal is happiness and inner peace. I know what I want and I know what I have to do to get there so I have to put in the work. No more complaining. It's a different hustle now.

The days leading up to turning 25 felt weird and I feel different for some reason, but in a good way. I have a really good feeling great things will happen the rest of this year and 2018.

I am thankful for the individuals in my life who have blessed me with their presence. I'm all about energy and surrounding yourself with good people and I truly feel that I have some great people in my corner. I thank you guys for listening to my rants, ideas, and frustrations. You've all contributed to my growth as a woman and I hope that you'll continue this journey with me. I can't wait to keep growing together.

(There's a few missing here love you all!)

- - - - -



  1. Happy Birthday!!!! 25 is such a great year! It was when I started to really realize who I was and what I wanted! I'm wishing you an amazing year filled with all that you wish for and more!

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