Dear 2017

2016 has literally been an emotional rollercoaster; one day I'm up the next day I'm down. When it seemed like everything was finally going right, something else was creeping it's ugly head in to mess it all up. It basically went down hill at the half way point. However, I can say this year wasn't ALL bad. Yes, I had some setbacks but I actually crossed some things off my list:

  1. I finally started traveling with my first trip being Vegas! (check it out here)
  2. Even though I didn't lose the amount of weight I wanted, at least I started going to the gym more (definitely getting more serious about next year FOREAL this time)
  3. Completed my master's program
  4. Got more serious about my YouTube channel and posted more (watch and subscribe here)

I also spent time with amazing friends and just LIVED.

Year after year we compile a list of things we hope to accomplish...then don't accomplish them. We get super excited about the new year then it dies down after January. Being that I'll be turning 25 in 2017, it's become that much more real. There's so many things I want to do/experience and I have never been so determined as I am now.

My take away from 2016:
  • ALWAYS be honest and tell people how feel because you never know; communication is everything!
  • Don't hold on to friendships or relationships that put no value into your life
  • Just do it. You want to go on that trip? Go. You have feelings for someone? Tell them.
  • BREATHE. You can worry for a little, but put on ya big girl panties (or big boy draws) and RELAX. It'll be alright

So I look forward to just becoming a better person all the way around; as a sister, friend, daughter, niece, career woman (possibly girlfriend but I'm not holding my breath lol) and TRAVELING. 2017 please be good to me!


A girl just trying to make it

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