A New Chapter

Yesterday, I took my final steps down a hall of a college campus. I kind of feel a little weird because I've literally been in school for most of my life, but I'm mostly relieved! All the summer reading, standardized tests, reports, unnecessary math classes, pointless electives, long days/nights, have led me to this point; I have a Master's Degree!  Here are some pictures from my special day:

Romper: Charlotte Russe

Hair: unice.com 

Choker: Forever 21

Sandals: Forever 21

(All pictures shot by @grieretelosbo)

I struggled with the thought of going back to school beyond the 4 years I already completed. But I am glad I chose the school I went to and the program I belonged in because I believe it was so much more valuable to my future success. But everyone's different. You might not need to go as far as completing a Master's program. It's important to evaluate and discover what you really want out of life as far as a career. That's when you'll be confident in the next steps you should take.

I literally had a professor refuse to write my recommendation letter and tell me that I couldn't possibly get accepted to the school I ultimately graduated from. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't nor succumb to what other people think you should be. Be happy!

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Hello fellow fashion lovers I'm MiMi! Haitian girl hailing from CT, continuing my journey in front of the camera and behind the pen .
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