This Is My Africa

On Friday March 4th, I returned to my Alma Mater to cover "This Is My Africa", a fashion show presented by the African Student Association at Southern Connecticut State University. I'm glad I was able to attend this wonderful night celebrating such rich, vibrant, and fashionable culture. I truly did enjoy myself! I was tempted to get up and dance more than once and if you know me, you know I love to dance so that should tell you I was getting my entire life. The performances and designs were just beautiful. Keep scrolling to see photos from the show:

This right here is my favorite! 

The hosts (Kevin and Ester) were definitely entertaining! They did a great job at keeping the audience's attention and they certainly got a few laughs out of me.

Man do I love a good beatification! 

All in all this was a great show. The models served it, the hosts delivered, and the performers killed it! I don't know about you but my wallet is jumping out of my purse ready to spend! Let me know what your fav is in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe with your email to never miss a post. Muah!

Makeup: Sabrina, Assi, Shanice, Tamil
Hair: @sewme_bymax
Photographers: Jay DamariKyushu
Designers: Heritage LinksSally Spio and Ashley WeeksTouch of Africa , Royal Collection by Couki, Jo'de
Dancers: UCONN Nubian Dancers, UB, Anoyd


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