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On Saturday August 1st, a good friend of mine, Kayjean, and I, hosted our first annual Palettes & Pumps; a fashion and beauty networking event to promote our individual brands as well as gather local bloggers/stylists/entrepreneurs alike. We started this because we noticed that there really isn't anything like this in CT. Usually we flock to NYC. Now don't get me wrong I LOVE the city, but it'll also be nice to have CT known for something cool like fashion and beauty. We hope that this becomes a regular affair, taking place once a year.

Kayjean was the beauty portion due to the fact that she's a wonderful makeup artist. She's done my face several times before and I love it every time! Here's her website if you want to check her out
So our event consisted of a Q&A where we asked our guests what inspired them when it came to fashion/beauty, how they would describe their style and so on. We also had a fun giveaway where we asked trivia questions for them to win.

In addition, we had amazing vendors  who shared their businesses with us. Niesha sells beautiful floral headbands. Follow her on Instagram

Carmen of Broken Limits creates gorgeous handcrafted afrocentric jewelry. You should definitely check it out! To the far left is Cabrea who is a fashion consultant and personal shopper. 

Here are a couple of more pics from the afternoon

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Hello fellow fashion lovers I'm MiMi! Haitian girl hailing from CT, continuing my journey in front of the camera and behind the pen .
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