Style Spotlight: Model, LindseyJay

I have a friend who is an AMAZING photographer and one day I was scrolling through Instagram (per usual) and there was this one picture tha...

Style Spotlight: Carmen of Broken Limits

I've had the pleasure of meeting this young entrepreneur a couple of years back when I did my very first networking event with a mutual...

Self Care Saturday: Relax, Relate, Release

Seasonal depression is a real thing and approaching to a bed near you. Life can really get to us sometimes so it's important that we fin...

Style Spotlight: Andreya LoveLace of House of LoveLace

I used to model back in college with a group called F.A.C.E. She was one of the designers a few times and I've remembered her ever sinc...

Self Care Saturday: You Don't Gotta Do Shit.

You're not obligated to allow every and anyone in your space. Set your boundaries and stick to them. Stop sitting there waiting on you d...


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Hello fellow fashion lovers I'm MiMi! Haitian girl hailing from CT, continuing my journey in front of the camera and behind the pen .
Hope you enjoy my blog :)





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