Girl Boss: Launching Dose of Mi

Today officially marks one month since I've launched my online boutique Dose of Mi ! Although it's only been 30 days, I'm just s...

Style Spotlight: Acacia of Left Hand Glam

Acacia is the next fashionable beauty from CT in my Style Spotlight  Series. If you're familiar with her on Instagram, you'll see th...

Style Spotlight: Bella Hendrix, SuperRichKids

Fashion maven, mermaid, mom, visionary are just some of the words that describe the woman better known as Bella Hendrix. I was put on to th...

Style Spotlight: Shardell, TheModernDiva

Welcome to my Style Spotlight Series! Once in a while I will be featuring some of my favorite and inspiring creatives. I wanted to showca...

Self Care Saturday: I Popped My Therapy Cherry

I've been grappling with thought of going to therapy for a few months. My best friend and I would jokingly say that we need it because t...

10 Ways to Avoid Seasonal Blues

The weather seems to have a big impact on our moods. I personally believe everything should be cancelled if it’s cloudy or raining outside. ...


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Hello fellow fashion lovers I'm MiMi! Haitian girl hailing from CT, continuing my journey in front of the camera and behind the pen .
Hope you enjoy my blog :)





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